Insulation Products

After establishing itself as a leader in the market of sealing products, Bitum turned to do the same with insulation products. Nowadays, Bitum develops and markets patented innovative home insulation products.

Home Insulation Products

All of Bitum’s insulation products can be used extensively in housing projects, offices, shopping centers and other architectural enterprises.

Most notably, BTI – combined insulation, is one of our best insulation solutions for tiled roofs.

BTI consists of polyester fibers and reflective aluminum foils.  All materials are both user friendly and environmentally friendly, are non-toxic and do not require the use of special equipment. BTI’s reflective radiation barrier is protected against dust, thus ensuring the product’s longevity and maintaining its unique properties – long after a significant amount of dust has been collected.

In addition to BTI, Bitum markets further home insulation products and sheets based on similar materials, with proven results. These insulating sheets are available in a variety of measurements and densities for custom results.

Other insulation products include a variety of environmentally friendly acoustic insulation solutions, based on polyester and polyethylene.

Thermal Insulation

As much as 90% of all energy emitted through the roof and ceiling of a property, is emitted in the form of radiation. The energy emitted translates into high energy costs and a difficulty with cooling or heating the space in a lasting manner. Eventually, this has a harmful impact on the environment due to an increasing demand for fossil fuels, resulting in air pollution and water contamination.  Therefore, effective thermal insulation is one of the conditions for green building and maintaining a quality of life.

Effective thermal insulation can be achieved by installing reflective radiation barriers underneath the tiled roof. BTI was developed to do exactly so. The multi-layer sheet consists of reflective radiation barriers and polyester fibers, protected from dust. Thanks to its unique design and structure, the properties of BTI are long-lasting and ensure quality thermal insulation for years to come.

Alongside BTI, Bitum offers further insulation products such as Snowhite sheets – simple installation and lasting impact. The sheets can be applied in partition walls, outer walls and corrugated steel sheets.

Bitum’s thermal insulation products are a perfect solution, as they are both user friendly and environmentally conscience: they do not require special handling or equipment, are treated to prevent mold, repel insects and rodents and are non-toxic.