Thermal Insulation Sheet for Tiled Roofs, Metal Roofs and External Walls

Cat No. SW FR

Snowhite FR is a novel multiple layer insulation sheet incorporating reflective radiation barriers with an insulation layer made from pure and resilient polyester fibers.

The radiation barriers are made from reinforced aluminum foil of low emissivity in the range of some 3%, with the reflective (shiny) side facing out.

Technical Specifications

Snowhite FR



Polyester weight (gr/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Thermal resistance R 
(based on ASHRAE) (°C x m2 / W)


Fire hazard classification
(based on IS 755)

Method of Application

Snowhite FR sheets are cut with standard (long)fabric scissors.

The sheets are secured to the trusses with a stapler using staples 10 to 12 mm high.

A special aluminum adhesive tape is used to secure overlaps where necessary, and also to seal between slopes (corners) and joints other than truss (beam) joints.

Snowhite FR is suitable for insulation of tiled roofs, metal (corrugated sheet) roofs and other structural elements.

Installation under the tiles of an existing roof:

Snowhite FR is installed perpendicularly to the trusses (sloping roof beams). To install:

  1. Lay out the Snowhite FR sheet flat perpendicularly to the trusses, then secure to the bottom of the trusses with staples.
  2. Best allow a 5 cm overlap between each two sheets, with the lower insulation fitted under the higher insulation.

Installation under the roof tiles of a loft:

On a tiled roof to be fitted with a plaster ceiling under the tiles, Snowhite FR is laid out along the clearance between each two trusses. To install:

  1. Verify that the insulation sheet width fits within the clearance between the centers of two adjacent trusses plus additional 5 to 10 cm.
  2. Measure the length required (truss length from the ridge to the bottom), then cut the sheet down to size.
  3. Secure the skirts to the sides of the trusses with a maximum clearance left for air between the wooden tile supports and the insulation. To secure, staple at 30 to 40 cm intervals.

Installation on a new roof, before the tiles are laid down:

On a new rooftop, Snowhite FR is laid perpendicularly to the trusses, with the skirts overlapping and secured to the trusses. To install:

  1. Lay out the Snowhite FR sheet flat perpendicularly to the trusses, then overlap and secure the skirts over the trusses with staples, before the tile supports are installed.
  2. Along the joint between each two adjacent sheets, make an overlap with the higher insulation on top of the lower insulation.

Snowhite FR may be stretched out between the trusses, however it should best be slightly loosened to allow a 4 to 8 cm crater between each two trusses for a better air clearance under the tiles. Before stapling, measure and verify uniform clearances.

Installation on a concrete ceiling:

Snowhite FR may be installed directly on concrete ceilings. For better insulation, EPS (Styrofoam) should best be applied under the Snowhite FR sheet as follows:

Cut the EPS into 3 cm thick squares sized 10 x 10 cm, then bond to the ceiling with contact glue at 60 cm intervals.

Now lay out the Snowhite FR sheet freely on top of the EPS.


Snowhite FR is sold in rolls of sheet widths 80 cm and 120 cm.


Avoid all contact between Snowhite FR (or any other reflective insulation) and bare electrical wires, junction boxes or other non-insulated elements (aluminum foil is electrically conductive!).

Before attempting any installation, verify that the trusses are sound and safe.

On plaster ceilings, best rest a plate on two adjacent trusses and use the plate for a tread.

Do not fit the Snowhite FR sheet next to a chimney. Verify a minimum clearance of 12 cm.



All materials are not available for all countries. 

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