A Bitumen Water-Proof Material That Requires No Heating


Cat. No. 242

Mastic MC is a bitumen water-proof material (modified by polymer elstomer SBS).

Mastic MC has a high viscosity and excellent sealing capability.

This material demonstrates high flexibility and elasticity in wide temperature range (-10°c to 100°c). The material is easy to use and requires no heating.


Mastic MC is used for sealing floor-wall contact points, vertical walls (of concrete, asbestos, or metal) and more.

In addition, Mastic MC can be used to finish bitumen sheet works in hard to reach areas.

Technical Specifications


Shiny black paste

Specific weight:

1.06 kg.


At 250,000 centipoise.

Solid contents (%):

66 min.

Heat resistance at 100°c

Material doesn’t slip or liquify

Cold flexibility at –10°c

Material deesn’t crack

Stagnant water resistance  

When sunk in glass net material withstood stagnant water exposure without affecting its properties.

Elongation at break:




Shock resistance:

Very good.


For basement walls:

Clean surface well of all dirt and debris before application.

Spread a primery coat of Primer 106 and wait 2-4 hours until dry.

Afterwards perform the following:

  1. Spread a layer of Mastic MC at a weight of 1.5 kg. per m². let it dry for 24 hours.
  2. Spread a second layer of Mastic MC as in step a. let it dry for 24 hours.
  3. Spread a third layer of Mastic MC as in step a. let it dry for 24 hours. 
  4. Cover the waterproofing layer with foamed polystyren boards, in density of 30 kg/m³ and 5 cm thickness, for protecting the waterproofing layer before covering.


1.5 kg. for each layer.

Drying Time

Dry to contact time – 24 hours.

Final dry time – one week.


18 Lit.,  4.5 Lit.

Safety Regulations

  • This product contains flammable solvents, only use it in well ventilated areas. Use personal protective gear. 
  • Avoid contact with hot surfaces, parks, flames. 
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes. 
  • If swallowed do not induce vomiting and get prompt medical attention. 
  • Static discharge can cause fire. 
  • Empty containers retain product residues that can be dangerous and should be disposed properly. 


All materials are not available for all countries. 

Contact your dealer about the availability.