Water-Based Polyurethane Sealing System for Roofs and Decks


Cat. No. 430

AQUATECH is innovative water based aliphatic polyurethane sealing system. AQUATECH's components are human-friendly and environment-friendly, they are not toxic neither harmful to touch, unlike existing polyurethane materials.

AQUATECH creates, after having hardened, a strong and flexible, abrasion resistant sealing membrane, with a smooth surface and nice aesthetic appearance.

AQUATECH is highly resistant to u.v. radiation.


Sealing of concrete roofs, decks, drainage cannals.

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Creamy, material with white color
Specific weight: 1.37 gr./ml.
Viscosity: 30,000 cps
Elongation capability: 400%
Tearing strength: 6.0 MPA
Cold flexibility: -30°C
Accelerated UV Weathering, 2000 hours Very good endurance

Instructions for Use

Surface for Use

Check that gutters are in good working order, that walls and floor meeting cornersides are rounded, and verify minimum slopes of 1.5%.

Application should be performed on a strong stable concrete (that was casted minimum 30 days before application) or other substrates such as: metal, pvc and old acrylic/polyurethane coatings.

Remove intensively all loose particles). Rinse intensively the roof/deck to remove mud and wait until completely dry. Apply 250 gr/m² of AQUAPOXY over the roof/deck surfaces.

Drying time: 12 hours.

Performing of the Sealing System

  1. Apply grey AQUATECH in quantity of 1.0 kg/m² along the walls and floor meeting corners, gutters, pipe penetration and along cracks (in 15 cm strips). Impregnation of a polyester net strip into the fresh AQUATECH, along the cornersides and cracks, should be considered in appropriate substrates.
  2. Apply a first layer of grey AQUATECH over the surfaces by spray or brush, in a quantity of 900 gr/m². Letting to dry for 2-3 hours.
  3. Apply a second layer of white AQUATECH in a quantity of 900 gr/m².
  4. In large roofs/decks (more than 500 m²) it is recommended to apply a third layer of white AQUATECH, in a quantity of 900 gr/m², within 15-18 hours after the application of the second layer.

Drying Time

To touch: 2-3 hours (at 25°C and 50% humidity).

Final drying time: 14 days.


In the shade, protected against frost and high temperatures (5°C – 35°C).


18 kg.

Warning and Safety Measures

  • AQUATECH is hazardous to swallowing, wash your hands in water and soap immediately after use.
  • AQUATECH is not to be applied 24 hours before rain or 6 hours before dew.
  • AQUATECH is not to be applied at temperatures lower than 5ºc.
  • AQUATECH is not to be applied a short time before dust storms. 
  • AQUATECH is not to be thinned by water or any other substance must not be added. 
  • A flooding test may be conducted at least 14 days after finishing application.
  • AQUATECH is not to be applied in quantities exceeding 1 kg /m2 per layer.


All materials are not available for all countries. 

Contact your dealer about the availability.