Two Components Water-Based Epoxy Primer


Cat. No. B425, A425

Aquapoxy is Environmentally friendly, low odor, does not contain any solvents.

Aquapoxy has good chemical resistance, excellent durability, and excellent adhesion properties for polyurethane and acrylic systems.


Aquapoxy is used as a primer for concrete and old polyurethane prior to application of Multigum and Aquatech.

Technical Data

Solids content (by weight) 59%
Specific gravity approx. 1.1
Viscosity, pa s 1
Mixing ratio A=7.6; B=3.7
Pot life after mixing (at 25ºc) 45-60 minutes
Dilution & cleaning water

Surface Preparation

The surface will be clean, dry, stable, without loose particles. In case of concrete, the surface will be washed with high pressure water jet (500 bar or by sand blasting), to remove the surface cement skin and expose concrete holes.

Afterwards, the surfaces will be treated according to the instructions of the designated coating.

Preparation of the Product

Pure Aquapoxy part B (3.70 kg) into Aquapoxy part A (7.60 kg), then add water up to 3 cm under pail upper edge, mix slowly (100-200 rpm) the two components by electric drill mixer for 3-5 minutes to obtain homogeneous material and let it rest for 10-20 minutes prior to coating.

Instruction for Use

Aquapoxy may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray, Surface preparations and other application details will be according the instructions of the designated coating.

Drying time

Drying time prior to application of next layers: 1-2 hours (at 25ºc and 50% RH).


250 gm/m² on concrete and old bitumen membranes covered by aggregates.

150 – 200 gm/m² on old acrylic and polyurethane coating.




In a shade, protected against frost and high temperatures (5ºc - 35ºc).


Part A – 7.60 KG

Part B – 3.70 KG

Warning and safety measures

  • Aquapoxy is hazardous to swallowing, wash your hands in water and soap immediately after use.
  • Aquapoxy is not to be applied 24 hours before rain or 6 hours before dew.
  • Aquapoxy is not to be applied at temperatures lower than 5ºc.
  • Aquapoxy is not to be applied a short time before dust storms. 
  • Aquapoxy is not to be thinned, and water or any other substance must not be added.


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