Flexigum Top Coat

Advanced Polymer-Based Sealing and Coating Material

Cat No. 309

Flexigum Top Coat is a professional advanced polymer based sealing and coating material, that when dried becomes a very elastic, long lasting coating.  Flexigum Top Coat is a paste material, easy to use for spray, roller or brush spreading. Flexigum Top Coat is water-based, user friendly and non-inflammable material. 


Flexigum Top Coat is used as a white elastic coating for Flexigum R and Flexigum Paste.

Technical Specifiactions


White paste material

Specific gravity: 

1.35 gr/ml


30,000 cps.



Cold Flexibility: 


Accelerated weathering in U.V. (2000 hours): 

Very good resistance.


Rinse the Flexigum R surfaces, after minimum drying time of 2 weeks, to remove the coagulant residue and wait until completely dry.

In case of Flexigum Paste, allow drying of the final coat for 5 days and then clean the surfaces.

Apply Primer MS at a quantity 300 gr/m².

Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

Than, spray (or spread by brush or roller) the Flexigum Top Coat in quantity of 1 kg/m².

Drying Time

Contact dry time: 4-6 hours (in 25 ºC and 50% R.H).

Final drying: 14 days.


In the shadow, protected from extreme cold (over 5ºC) and high temperature conditions.


22 kg.

Warning and Safety Measures

  • Do not swallow, wash hands with water and soap immediately after use. 
  • Drying time may change due to variation in temperature and relative humidity conditions. 
  • In weather conditions of low temperature and high moisture, it is recommended to apply the Flexigum Top Coat in 2 layers, 500 gr/m² each.
  • Do not apply 3 days before rain or about 6 hours before dew. 
  • Do not apply in temperature below 5ºC, and not more than 35ºC. 
  • Flexigum Top Coat should not be diluted, do not add water or any other material. 
  • Flood test can be applied at least 14 days after application.


All materials are not available for all countries. 

Contact your dealer about the availability.