highly elastic cement coating for walls and floors sealing 

Cat. no.: C00102 Version: 10/11 Product Description 

BITUMSEAL FLEX is two components, highly elastic cement mixture for multi-purpose sealing, designed for positive and negative sealing. BITUMSEAL FLEX is made of minerals, cement, hydraulic additives and latex. 

BITUMSEAL FLEX combines elasticity, adhesion and excellent water tightness. It provides excellent adhesion to substrates such as: concrete, wood, metal, etc. 

BITUMSEAL FLEX was tested by SII (Israeli Standard Institute) and confirmed to be in contact with drinking water in reservoirs, according to the update Israeli Standard no. 5452 (2008). 



 Suitable for positive and negative sealing. 

 Used for sealing water reservoirs, drinking water reservoirs, swimming pools. 

 Seals concrete walls in preparation for dry or wet coating by natural stones. 

 Seals interior basements, Plants containers, kitchens and bathrooms. 

 Suitable for sealing the back of stones in industrialized construction methods. 

 Thanks to its excellent adhesion to various surfaces and its superior elasticity, the product is used as a primer and bonding cement system to other systems. 


Technical specifications 

Cracks bridging capacity – 2.27 mm. 

Adhesion strength to concrete – 1.18 Mpa. 

Water vapors passage – 1.86 meter = SP. 

Elongation in maximum load – 51% 

Resistance to water pressure (7 Atm) – o.k. 

Resistance to negative water pressure (1.5 Atm) – o.k. 

Water permeability 

According to tests conducted by the standards institute: No water penetration at 1, 3, and 7 atmospheres. 


Concrete, concrete and Ytong blocks, silicate, plaster, etc. 



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