A Reflective Membrane Coated With Aluminum Foil, Reinforced by a Strong Glass Net, with High Fire Classification

Cat No. AL102120

The Bitumfoil is a reflective membrane coated on both sides with a shiny aluminum foil and reinforced by a strong glass net to improve its resistance to tear. The Bitumfoil has high fire classification: V,4,3 (as per I.S. 755) that permits usage of many elements in building, subject to I.S. 921.

Usage Purpose

Bitumfoil is used as a reflective insulation membrane in tiled roofs, or as a reflective vapor barrier in the interior of hollow external walls in front of thermal insulation layer. Bitumfoil is also used as an anti-radiation barrier underneath under-tile heating systems.

Technical Specification

Appearance: Thin membrane coated on both sides with a shiny aluminum foil.
Weight per m2: 140 gr./ m2
Coefficient of resistance to vertical heat transmission (clean foil): R=2.4 M2C/W
Horizontal: R=1.15 M2C/W
Fire Class (as per I.S. 755): V, 4, 3

Using Manner

The application of the Bitumfoil in tiled roofs is carried out by extending the sheets on the beams, underneath the wooden longitudinals that carry the tiles. On walls, Bitumfoil serves as a reflective vapors barrier. In this case it is recommended to extend it over the internal (the hot) side of the wall. In floors, Bitumfoil serves as an anti-radiation barrier, mainly underneath under-tile heating systems.


Roll length: 75 m. Width: 120 cm.


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