Elastic Bitumen Mastic


Cat No. 228

Bitumastic is a bituminous elastomeric sealant with a flexibility and elasticity in a wide range of temperatures.

Application is simple and easy, required no heating. Bitumastic is also suitable for application on vertical surfaces. It is applied cold, and is neither intoxicating nor flammable.


Bitumastic is used to waterproof basement walls, shwers and patio floors (prior to tiling)

Technical Specifications


Brownish – black paste – like, shiny

Specific weight:

1.18 gr/ml


Over 40,000 CPS

Solid contents (%):


Cold flexibility


Elongation at break


Heat resistance at 80°c:

Non-skid, non-fluid

Resistance to water spray:

No noticeable change in the film after subjection to water spraying for 72 hours.

Resistance to ponding water:

Bitumastic is resistant to ponding water maintaining bonding to infrastructure

Resistance to water pressure:

(2mm thickness film)

1 atmosphere for 24 hours.

Resistance to impact:



Method of Application

Before application, clear the surface thoroughly to remove all dirt. Roll with cement mortar at all wall-floor seams. 

To waterproof basement walls: 

  1. In case the basement floor was sealed with bitumen membranes, apply low heat over the membranes to deposit the dirt and bring out melted bitumen. 
  2. Spray a coat of Bitumastic Primer over the basement walls and the sheets over the basement floor, using 250-300 gr/m². Allow to dry 30-60 minutes.
  3. Spray Bitumastic, using a total quantity of 3-4.5 kg/m², depends on depth of the basement and waterable level. It is recommended to spray in 3 layers, allowing a short waiting interval between layers as initial drying. 

Additionally, it is recommended to brush thoroughly the    

      first layer of Bitumastic towards the substrate (also when    

      applied by spraying), in order to prevent formation of  

      bubbles. Allow to dry for 5 days after application.

Spread a Geotextile Matt, 200 gr/sqm, over the waterproofing layer and then, spread protection and drainage sheet made of HDPE as “Bitudrain T-15” prior to covering. Alternatively, cover the waterproofing layer with foamed polystyrene boards, 3 cm thick, for protection of the water proofing layer, prior to covering.

To waterproof bathrooms & shower floors prior to tiling:

  1. Apply a coat of Bitumastic Primer, using 300 gr/m², over horizontal surfaces and the rolled seams. Allow to dry 1-3 hours. 
  2. Apply a coat of Bitumastic, 1.5 kg/m², on the horizontal surfaces and rolled seams.. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours. 

Apply a second coat of Bitumastic. 1.5 kg/m², Allow to dry 24 hours. 
Fill in sand, lay the tiles, or lay ceramic tiles directly onto the sealing layer through adhesion. 

To waterproof small patio floor prior to tiling:

General: The infrastructure shall be a stable concrete infrastructure and not foamed concrete (light concrete).

  1. Apply or spray a coat of Bitumastic Primer using 250-300 gr/m², over the horizontal surfaces and the rolled seams. Allow to dry for 1-2 hours. 
  2. Apply a coat of Bitumastic on the horizontal surfaces and the rolled seams. Use 1.5 kg/m² of Bitumastic. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours.
  3. Apply a second coat of Bitumastic, 1.5 kg/m². Allow to dry for 12 hours. 
  4. Apply (or apply by brush) a third coat of Bitumastic, Using 1.5 kg/m². In case this is the final coat, Allow to dry for 5 days (without rain) prior to tiling. In case there are additional coats, allow to dry for 6-8 hours.
  5. In case of patio floor bigger than 10 m², apply forth layer of Bitumastic, 1.5 kg/m². Allow to dry for 5 days (without rain) prior to tiling.
  6. In case of patio floor bigger than 15 m², sink Polyfabric (polyester fabric) in the fresh material between second and third coats.
  7. In case of bigger patio floors, advise with the producer. 
  8. Fill in sand and lay the tiles, or lay ceramic tiles by direct adhesion onto the sealing layer. 


1.5 kg/m2 in each layer.

Drying Time

To touch 6-8 hours.  Final drying – one week.


200 kg. 18 kg.  4.5 kg


  • Do not store in cans at temperatures under 5°c. 
  • The surfaces will by dry for at least 3 days before applying the Bitumastic system. 
  • This product is ready for application and should not be diluted. If it is slightly thick, mix manually or mechanically to dilute it.
  • The product can be applied by an airless, brush or roller.
  • Clean tools with water, immediately after use, and then with turpentine.
  • When a concrete screed is needed to be applied on top of the waterproofing system, spread 2 polyethylene sheets, 0.2 mm thick, on top of the dry waterproofing system prior to casting of concrete. 
  • Do not apply the product on basement walls or patio floors if rain is expected in the next 4 days.



All materials are not available for all countries. 

Contact your dealer about the availability.