Sealing Products

Over the years, Bitum has established itself as a renowned leader in the field of sealing materials. The company now develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of sealing products and waterproofing materials for application in building structures, parking lots and further architectural enterprises.

Bitum offers complete quality sealing solutions and a full adjustment of the sealing system to the client’s specifications. Among the sealing products available: Paste sealing materials, Spray-on sealing materials, Polymer water-proof materials, Cementitious materials, Waterborne polyurethane waterproofing materials, Primers, Lacquers, Whitening and Silvering materials.

Bitum develops and markets durable and lasting sealing materials that can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. Some of the products can even be applied onto wet surfaces, thus advancing the construction process and reducing the final costs to the client.

In addition, there are unique products developed for small corrections that can be used both for fillings and for strengthening an existing structure.

All sealing products are accompanied by the proper specifications for handling and usage, optimal conditions required in the field and warnings as necessary.