High Build Elastic bitumen mastic for spraying application



Product Description

A12 is a high build bituminous elastomeric sealant which designated to be applied in thick layer. A12 offers superior waterproofing properties, flexibility and elasticity in wide range of temperatures (-10°c to 90°c). A12 can be applied by spraying or brushing. It is applied cold, and is neither toxic nor flammable.


A12 is used for waterproofing of basement walls, showers and patio floors (prior to tilling), and external walls prior to tiling.

 Technical Specifications


Black paste-like

Specific weight:

1.00 gm/ml


Over 20,000 CPS

Fluidity at 90°C:

Non-skid, non-fluid

Flexibility at - 10°C:

Does not crack

Resistance to ponding water:

Dry A12 is resistant to bonding water maintaining bonding infrastructure.

Resistance to water pressure: (2.5 mm thickness film)

1 atmosphere for 48 hours

Bridging capability over 2 mm crack:


Resistance to impact:




 3.3 - 4.4 kg/m² (3 - 4 mm dry membrane) in general, according to the application.

Drying Time

 To touch 3-5 hours (in winter time: 5-7 hours)

Resistance of A12 layer to rain (on walls, in 23°c, 50% RH) - 10 hours

Drying period prior to backfilling (  in 23°c, 50% RH) : 2 - 4 days, depend on layer thickness.


 18 kg


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