Alyphatic Polyurethane sealing material for roofs (top coat).




Product description



POLYSEAL 600 is one component polyurethane sealing material.

 POLYSEAL 600 creates, after having hardened, a white, strong and flexible, abrasion resistant sealing membrane, with a smooth surface and nice aesthetic appearance.

 POLYSEAL 600 has an excellent resistance to external weathering (UV) conditions and is not sensitive to ponding water.





POLYSEAL 600 is used as a top coat for Polyseal 400 polyurethane sealing system.


Technical specifications





Creamy, material with white color








Tearing strength:

Cold flexibility:


8.0 MPA



Accelerated Weathering:


Water absorption:







Instructions for use



Surface preparation

Check that gutters are in good working order, that walls and floor meeting corner sides are rounded, and verify minimum slopes of 1.5%.

Concrete substrate will be casted minimum 30 days before application.

Remove intensively all loose particles. Rinse intensively the roof/deck to remove mud and wait until completely dry.

Application temperatures: 7ºc - 35ºc (convenient temperatures: 15ºc - 27ºc).


Performing of the sealing system


  Waterproofing system for exposed roofs:

  1. Apply POLYSEAL 400 in 2-3 layers, in total quantity of 1.50 - 3.00 kg/m², depend on slopes, type of substrate and roughness conditions, dimensions of the roof. Drying time between layers: 3-5 hours.

For long term and qualified roofing system :

On substrates such as concrete, old bitumen membranes with aggregates, old PU and acrylic coatings - apply Aquapoxy, 250 gm/m², wait 1-2 hours for initial drying.

On metal substrate, apply Polyseal Primer, 150 gm/m², wait 3-4 hours for initial drying.

  1. Apply POLYSEAL 400 in 3 layers, in total quantity of 3.00 kg/m² (1.6 mm dry). Drying time between layers: 3-5 hours.
  2.  Apply Polyseal 600 (aliphatic polyurethane) as a top coat, in quantity of 200 gm/m².
  3. In case the roof area is bigger than 10 m², sink a polyester net type Polyfabric into fresh POLYSEAL 400 of the first layer. Less qualified alternative is using glass net for this purpose.
  4.  In tiled roofs, apply 3.0 kg/m² of   POLYSEAL 400, in 3 layers, on top of Aquapoxy. In case the roof area is bigger than 10 m², apply polyester fabric as mentioned above.

On rough surfaces, you should expect bigger quantities.



Drying time



To touch: 12 hours (at 25°C and 50% humidity).

Final drying time: 5 days.






In the shade, protected from high temperatures (5°C – 35°C)






20 kg (18 litter metal pail), 5 kg gallon


Warning and safety measures


This product contains flammable solvents; only use it in well ventilated areas. Use personal protective gear.

  • Avoid contact with hot surfaces, sparks and flames. 
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes. 
  • If swallowed do not induce vomiting and get prompt medical attention. 
  • Static discharge can cause fire. 
  • Empty containers retain product residues that can be dangerous and should be disposed properly
  • The product is not to be applied 24 hours before rain.
  • Application of the product should not exceed 1 kg /m2 per layer.

In application on metal roofs, an initial adhesion test should be applied.     



All materials are not available for all countries. 

Contact your dealer about the availability.

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