Plastic Bituminous Compound


Cat. No. 224

Mastistop is a plastic bituminous compound made from high-quality bitumen, additives as required to preserve the plastic properties of the product, fibrous fillers and carbolic solvents. The product is easiest to apply when cold.

Mastistop contains unique ingredients which make it bond well on wet surface even when it rains, and water-proof.


Mastistop is used to seal against and block any water leaks on wet roof-tops as it rains. Mastistop bound well into dry wet concrete, asbestos, old/new bitumen, bitumen sheet and other surfaces.

Technical Data

Specific weight:




Water contents (%):

< 1%

Bitumen contents:

> 45%

Elasticity (0°C)

Does’nt crack under bending pressure.

Application Method

Before use, clean surface well of dirt and loose particles to ensure bonding onto stable surface. No drying of water is required. Scoop a small amount of Mastistop with a trowel (or in your hand, where access in not ready) and apply on and around the leakage point while pressing well against the surface. Ensure application in a radius of some 10 cm around the leakage point.

The area treated will be sealed immediately upon application.

Coat Thickness

Minimum coat thickness required: 3 to 4 mm.

Drying Time

Tack free: 2 to 3 days in dry weather.

Full cure: up to 2 weeks, subject to weather conditions.


4.5 Lit,  2.5 Lit.


  1. 1. Exercise caution when working in the vicinity of open flame.
  2. 2. When the raining season is over, we recommend that an elastic bituminous sealant type “Mastic MC” be applied to the treated surface to preserved the seal for extended periods of time.



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